Welcome to the SIGSEGV 2019 Website

The annual biannual occasional SIGSEGV Conference is the flagship conference of the ACH Special Interest Group on Silly and EGregious Violations of common sense. It is the world's premier forum for researchers, developers, programmers, and teachers of computer technology with terrible ideas. Academic and industrial participants present research and experience papers that cover the full range of harebrained ideas in computer and information science, from single-word programming languages and incompetent search algorithms to deliberately unstable operating systems.

SIGSEGV 2019 will be held on May 4, 2019 at Room 114, Gates Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Observable Universe.

Previous years' conference websites: 2014, 2017, 2018.


Abstract submissions are now being accepted online. Submit your abstract here. Remember, paper titles and abstracts can be changed any time before the final submission deadline.

Need inspiration for what you could submit this year? Check out previous years' programs here, here and here.

Important Upcoming Dates

Abstract registration deadlineApril 26, 2019 Extended to May 3, 2019
Paper submission deadlineApril 29, 2019 at 23:59 EDT Extended to May 4 at 11:59 EDT
Papers posted onlineMay 6, 2019
ConferenceMay 4, 2019


This conference is organized by the Computer Science Graduate Organization at Cornell University. It is funded by the GPSA FC, and open to all members of the graduate community at Cornell.

We are grateful, as always, to our industrial sponsors, including Aperture Science, Black Mesa Research, Praxis Systems, and Subarashii Amalgamated.

In addition, we would like to extend a special thank-you to our C++ guru, w̡h̀o w̡ro̸ţe͡ t͢he co̶de ̸th͝at͝ g͘e͝ne̢r̴a̵t҉e̷d̷ ţhis̡ w̡̨̛͝e̢̡̨͠͏b̷̕͜͡ś͡i̷̸

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